Your personal data, including without limitation to the personal data obtained from the registration form / sales form / survey form / sub-sale form you have provided to us, our marketing and sales agents and/or our website property advertising service providers, your participation in our contests, and/or any further updates provided to us, IJM Land Berhad and its subsidiaries, associates, affiliates and/or members within the IJM Land Berhad group of companies (collectively, referred to as "us", "our" or "we" in this Personal Data Notice) by you in relation to your personal data (“Personal Data”), will be processed by us for the purpose of providing you information about our products and/or services, providing you our s ervices including applying for the provision of utilities from various utilities boards for you, facilitating your sub-sale purchase, providing your personal details for purposes of a new purchase when requested by the new purchaser, to carry out the obligations and/or transaction(s) you have requested, agreed and/or authorised us to do, to request additional information on the feedback that you provide about the product or service that you are using, to obtain feedback and/or conduct surveys in relation to our products and/or services, to provide you with advance notice of our events, for you to participate in our contests, to tell you about new product and/or service releases which may be of interest to you, and/or such other purposes referred to in our Personal Data Protection Policy (collectively, “Purpose”).

We also wish to inform you that your Personal Data may be disclosed to third parties, such as to our subsidiaries, associates, affiliates and/or members within the IJM Land Berhad group of companies, joint venture partners, the landowner, the Joint Management Body, the management corporation, the authorities and local council, banks, public amenities and utilities providers, sale and/or sub-sale and/or refinancing lawyers, our contractors, and/or service providers and such other classes of third parties referred to in our Personal Data Protection Policy, which may be located within or outside Malaysia, for reasons relating to the Purpose.

You may request for access to or correction of your Personal Data or limit the processing thereof at any time hereafter by submitting such written request addressed to our regional Personal Data Protection Officers as follows:

  1. Central Region
    Tel No.: (603)7985 8188
    Fax No.: (603)7952 9848
  2. Penang
    Tel No.: (604)296 1244
    Fax No.: (604)296 1250
  3. Seremban 2
    Tel No.: (606)761 3888
    Fax No.: (606)761 9888
  4. Bandar Rimbayu
    Tel No.: 1700 81 8686
    Fax No.: 1700 81 0526
  5. Johor
    Tel No.: (607)339 1888
    Fax No.: (607)333 4803
  6. Johor (Sebana Cove)
    Tel No.: (607)861 4888
    Fax No.: (607)863 0369
  7. Johor (Nasa Land)
    Tel No.: (607)357 8899
    Fax No.: (607)359 1188
  8. Sandakan
    Tel No.: (6089)671 899
    Fax No.: (6089)673 860
  9. Kuching
    Tel No.: (6082)231 678
    Fax No.: (6082)252 678

Any inquiries or complaints with respect to your Personal Data should also be channeled to us in this manner.

You represent and warrant that the consent of third parties (e.g. your emergency contact person, tenant, authorised representatives, contractors, lawyers, financiers) whose personal data you have provided and disclosed to us have been sufficiently obtained to allow us to process the same in relation to the Purpose.

Please note that it will be necessary for us to process your Personal Data for the Purpose, without which we will not be able to carry out the Purpose.

For further information on how we collect and process your Personal Data, please review our Personal Data Protection Policy. The list of IJM Land Berhad's subsidiaries, associates, affiliates and/or members within the IJM Land Berhad group of companies which are processing your Personal Data for the Purpose is also available on our website at